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Jonathan Borofsky - My Mother’s Words (2010)

gonna make this…

‘this t-shirt is for living in
drag it on the ground
soak it in the mud
wash it in a river
dry it on a rock
go outside
do something’

»geht eh« by anatol knotek
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  • People leave. Parents leave the room. Lovers leave your life. You leave the world.

    We clutch teddy bears first, then dolls, then sports jerseys, and automobiles with hand-sewn leather and excellent gas mileage. As if that were something permanent.

    Welcome to Night Vale

    Episode 37 - The Auction

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    "Please Don&#8217;t Ever Leave Me."
Fingertrap made from fragments of a red, mylar heart balloon that was once full of hot air.
Box made with hardware from my first jewelry box and remnant from one highschool homecoming dress.
(pre-installation view)
  • By Susan Jamison

    Drowning Dress, silk, embroidery, lead weights, 2013 

    In tribute to Virginia Woolf (who wore an overcoat with its pockets full of stones and drowned herself)

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